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Join us in supporting Eritrean media outlets by visiting, subscribing, liking, and sharing their content. Your support makes a difference! Thank you for being a part of this important mission.

Eritrean Government Associated Media Outlets and WebSites

  • Denden Media
  • ErixpressMedia
  • EmbassyMedia
  • Hordata
  • EritreanMediaNetwork
  • Alenalki Media
  • Eritrean Embassy US
  • Denden Media1_edited
  • EriTel
  • Eritrean Embassy US
  • EritreanDevelopmentFoundation
  • Shabait logo
  • NCEWLogo
  • NUEYS Logo
  • ecss_logo

Public Diplomacy Partners Media Outlets and WebSites

  • HornPolitics

Please note that the views expressed by the partner group associated with the National Public Diplomacy Group (NPDG) are solely their own and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the NPDG. The NPDG takes no responsibility for the views expressed by its partner groups.

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