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As a public diplomacy group, we are engaging with our respective communities. Our activities include volunteering in social, political, educational, and other endeavors.

This is a section where we measure our engagement as a public diplomacy group.

CONGRESSIONAL REPORT CARD is one such measurement. 



Eritrean Americans have been engaging in political, economic, intellectual, and social activities in the United States. We are exploring various innovative ways so that we could enhance our participation.


This is a section where we measure our activities within the National Public Diplomacy Group.



Eritrea is an ancient young nation. Archeological evidence suggests that "Eritrean history is as old as humanity". As Eritrean Americans - who have been in the United States for almost a century - are eager to engage and enlighten our co-citizens.

This section measures our weaknesses, and strengths as a public diplomacy group. 


We quantify our exploring, engaging and edifying through Measure

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